Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

ONDI will partner with academia and industry through various programmes and initiatives to identify skills gaps in the Nigerian technology and innovation space and provide policy support to bridge such gaps in order to transform Nigerian youths into a digitally skilled and competitive workforce.
ONDI will, through various initiatives seek to improve access to funding for the digital innovation ecosystem. The office will facilitate the provision of more funding for start-up incubation, hubs upskilling and seeding. The office will also provide support towards setting up various funding mechanisms for start-ups in collaboration with the private sector, development finance institutions (DFIs) and other state and non-state donors.
ONDI will conduct periodic research and data analysis on the ecosystem to enable informed policy direction, planning and effective interventions. Such research and data analysis will provide information and insight for policy decision and monitoring mechanisms. It will also provide insights into the development of new programmes and initiatives.
ONDI will monitor activities within the ecosystem to ensure compliance with the dictates of the National Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy (NDIEP), the Guidelines for Nigerian Content Development in ICT and other relevant legislation. By employing varying monitoring mechanisms and ensuring compliance, local enterprises will be adequately protected and incentivized to make their products and services up to globally accepted standards.
To further strengthen the technology innovation ecosystem, the ONDI will promote active partnerships and collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the Nigerian technology innovation ecosystem and facilitate networking between local and international players in the technology innovation ecosystem.
ONDI will introduce and participate in activities targeted towards strengthening the technology and innovation ecosystem in Nigeria. It will also ensure efficient coordination and support of such activities to catalyse the growth of the ecosystem through policy implementation, research and development, facilitation of funding and promotion of indigenous solutions.<br /> Through several initiatives, including those in the technology innovation and entrepreneurship support (TIES), ONDI will increase the number of innovation-driven entrepreneurs and enhance the capacity of technology and innovation hubs around the country.