Compendium of Government Incentives & Innovation Support

As part of NITDAs contribution to the achievement of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy, the Agency, in its Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan 2021-2024, emphasises digital entrepreneurship. The Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship pillar intends to build an ecosystem for sustainable innovation-driven enterprises and MSMEs.
An essential component of this pillar is Developing a National Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy to facilitate access to infrastructure and capital. Agencies of the Federal Government provide funding and other forms of incentives to support the innovation ecosystem with various goals – the aim is to create an environment to sustain and grow innovative ventures. However, there is no centralised information repository where prospective innovators can access resources to support their activities.

The Compendium of government incentives is the main deliverable that will showcase and highlight the benefits and opportunities for investments across identified digital innovation value chains. This will include eligibility/access requirements, dependencies, enablers, and the like.